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1st weekend of playoff wrap up

Listen as we break down the first weekend of the playoffs, all the exciting finishes, hear Trevor’s prediction before it happens, and see if any our predictions change.

Wrapping up the season

Listen as we update the playoff race, talk about how the Dwight Howard injury will impact the playoffs and the Magic going forward and cooler talk with Gruhler where we talk about which teams are streaking and what they have in common. We also tell you one thing you should know but probably don’t.

Playoff round up podcast

Listen as we catch you on the playoff race and let you know how things may break down. Give our thoughts on Lamar Odom, Dwight and Stan and we tell you one thing you should know but probably don’t.

Nba Awards Podcast

This week on our podcast Trevor and Pat delve into the conversation on who we think will win the end of the season awards.  We choose who we would vote for, although we spend alot of time talking about guys that are fighting for 2nd. We also talk about early results from the trade deadline and one thing you should know but probably don’t.

How about those Spurs?

Last night against the Memphis Grizzlies on the brink of elimination Gary Neal and the San Antonio Spurs thundered back from being down in the fourth, forced overtime and dominated in the extra period. 

With under two seconds remaining and down by three Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich drew up a play for NBA rookie Gary Neal, the play was simple enough, a McDyess pick to free up Duncan so Duncan could set a clean pick for Neal. According to Sebastian Pruiti of NBA Playbook Battier is the player responsible for leaving Neal open (broken down very well right here). Battier has always been heralded as a great defender, so why didn’t he switch? Even if Duncan had somehow gotten the ball there is no way he would have been able to get behind the three point line to get a shot off, that’s just bad defense in a clutch situation. 

The most interesting part about this is to me is that Manu wasn’t given the shot, I know Neal is statistically a better shooter, but Manu wasn’t even an option, he was the in-bounder, and George Hill was option two. I can’t argue with the results though, as Pop once again proves why he’s a phenomenal coach, and why you can’t count the Spurs out yet. 

-Trevor Steinberg